“Ghost Hunt and Buffet Breakfast with CVAPI”

Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations announcing a fundraiser open to the public.

Chester, Virginia – July 30, 2009 Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations (CVAPI) appeared this month on NBC
Channel 12 in Richmond, Virginia.  They allowed Channel 12 to attend an investigation with them at a local
Chesterfield restaurant.  Though the restaurants name and exact location was not disclosed, it has kept many locals
guessing where they were.  Jackie Tomlin, founder of CVAPI, said she was more than pleased with the story they

“We did not disclose the name and the exact location, due to the owner’s request.”  “We were really amazed at the
mysterious way it portrayed on television.”  “We have received several emails where people are guessing the
location, and some who are correct.”

This local Chesterfield restaurant is currently offering a fundraiser for CVAPI.  Tickets are $15.00 per person and on
sale now at that restaurant.  This is for a ghost hunt and includes a breakfast buffet.

“Sunday morning August 23rd, from 3:00AM to 7:00AM, you will have the opportunity for a hands on investigation,
including a breakfast buffet.”  “There are certain restrictions that apply, so please visit our website for details.”  “You
may find our website by entering CVAPI into any search engine.”

Jackie discloses that CVAPI thrives on donations and fundraisers.  Each time they receive something as a team, they
always try to give a portion back to their community.

“A portion of the proceeds from this event will go to Chesterfield County’s Tools for School program.”  “This is where
we will sponsor a child in need, and furnish them with a backpack and school supplies for the upcoming school year.”

If you are unable to attend this event, please look for them on the Internet under Central Virginia Paranormal
Investigations.  You may make a donation of their website as well.









CVAPI Matching the Deaf with the Paranormal

CVAPI is currently seeking assistance from paranormal teams across the country.

Chester, Virginia – June 25, 2009.  CVAPI stands for Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations, they are a
paranormal team located outside of Richmond, Virginia.  Recently they have been approached by the need of the
deaf community wanting to participate in paranormal investigations.  Their founder, Jackie Tomlin, has agreed to
assist with launching this campaign.  CVAPI is a spin off of Jackie’s meetup group, Central Virginia Psychic
Development and Paranormal Research.

“Lily is a member of my meetup group, she is also deaf and mute”.  “She carries a strong passion for the paranormal
and we were recently on an investigation together.”  “I was more than impressed.”  “That evening she had her
interpreter with her, but we feel that we could manage even if the interpreter was unable to attend.”

“I think we have all failed to realize, that the deaf have heightened senses, in which she certainly demonstrated to us
that evening.”  “I work as a full time professional psychic under the nickname of Ms-Swami, Lily’s senses are different,
but together work very well.”  “Her sense of a presence or feeling vibrations, are much keener than those of an
average person.”  “She carries a strong interest in video and photography, I don’t see a reason why her handicap
should hold her back as well as others that are deaf.”

“In the darkness, if she needs to communicate with us, she uses a flash light or a laser light.”  “She captured things
on photographs that no one else did.” “If her interpreter was not available, she can certainly write to us what she is

“Lily has come up with over 100 deaf people across the country that have a strong interest in the paranormal.”  “I
have offered to assist her in this campaign in matching everyone of them up with a team.”

“I am asking that you take them into your meetup group, take them onto your paranormal team as a guest, or make
them a member, but just give them a chance.”  “Their interest is as strong as everyone else’s and their senses are
stronger but in a different way.”  “For the majority of paranormal teams out there, this is your hobby.”  “Why would
you exclude anyone from that pleasure?”  “Everyone deserves a fair chance.”

If you have a meetup group or a paranormal team that would like to assist a deaf person in your area with
participating in paranormal research, please contact Jackie.  You may find Jackie at their website by placing CVAPI
into your search engine.  











Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations (CVAPI)

Celebrating Their First Anniversary and Announcing a New Member

Chester, Virginia – June 8, 2009 Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations, located in Chesterfield Virginia,
celebrates their first full year operating under CVAPI.  In addition they are currently in process of adding to the team
and have a new member.  Jackie Tomlin is the founder of CVAPI and took the time to give us their story.

“CVAPI is a spin off of my other group of Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal Research.”  “In
starting that group, I really did not think we would get requests for paranormal investigations, once they started
coming in, CVAPI was formed.”

CVAPI carries a limited number of members.  This is due to allowing everyone to participate in investigations and the
research before and after investigations.

“I don’t want a team that is too large, as this would not give everyone a fair chance.”  “We have currently welcomed
Cory to our team, and we are excited to have him with us.”  “Cory is a graduate of Virginia Tech and holds a high
interest in the paranormal field.”  “He has participated in investigations, evidence review, and training sessions, as
our guest.”  “He has now accepted a training position with the team.”

Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations covers all areas of 804 and 757 area codes.  You may find them on the
web under CVAPI.  They also offer a chat room, public forum, and most recently a new blog.

“As a team we seem to stay busy.”  “It was nice to come together as a team and friends to celebrate our
anniversary.”  “It seems that all of our time spent together are revolved around research and investigations, it was
nice to have a little play time.”

CVAPI continues to take investigation requests.  They are also available for consultations and group appearances.










Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations (CVAPI) Has a New Blog

“Virginia is for Ghost Lovers”

Chester Virginia – May 26, 2009 Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations is a paranormal team offering
investigations, consultations and group appearances.  You may find them on the Internet by putting CVAPI into your
search engine.  In addition to offering a public forum, they have now started an interactive blog.

“We have a lot of readers on our forum.”  “Some will leave comments and others do not.”  “We are hoping that on the
blog  they will leave comments as well as share their experiences.”

CVAPI has been up and running formally as a team for a year now.  The forum on their website carries a variety of
topics.  You will also find live audio and video from their investigations.  Under their podcast section you will find the
recordings of their live radio shows from the past.

“Due to our busy schedules, we have suspended the radio show and plan to return in the fall.”  “We have the
recordings of our shows up on the website.”  “They run from psychic guests, our clients and our team members
speaking on the air.”

Their media section on their website has articles that they have had published in the past, as well as a most recent
article appearing in USA Today.  You will find the link to their blog at the bottom of their homepage under “Virginia

“We named our blog Virginia is for Ghost Lovers, to go hand in hand with our states motto of Virginia is for Lovers.”  
“The blog is new, and you can expect many various topics as well as some great ghost stories.”

CVAPI updates their website regularly as they add numerous topics and evidence from their investigations.  If you are
interested in great ghost stories, stop by and join their blog.  You will find anything from Virginia paranormal, ghost
and psychics.









Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations (CVAPI)

Tech Director leaves for Iraq

Chester Virginia – May 18, 2009 Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations, also known to the public as CVAPI, is a
paranormal team based out of Central Virginia.  CVAPI offers paranormal investigations, consultations and group
appearances to the general public for no charge.

Jackie Tomlin, the founder of CVAPI, is also the founder of Central Virginia Psychic Development and Paranormal
Research.  Jackie herself works as a full time psychic under the nickname of Ms Swami.  The team is dedicated in
seeking information on Virginia Ghosts as well as any Virginia paranormal activity.

Herman Berry has been with CVAPI since the team began.  He holds the position of Tech Director as well as Field
Investigator.  Herman remains part of CVAPI as he leaves for Iraq for a year as a contract firefighter.

“Herman has been with me since the beginning, when CVAPI, at that time was just a thought.”  “His contributions to
this team have been endless.”  “He helped establish our name, he designed our logo, he has implemented forms that
we use and contributed to our membership guidelines, as well as sitting up our shirt orders.”  

Jackie made Herman the Tech Director of CVAPI.  In addition for being a paid firefighter in New Kent County, Herman
holds 8 years experience in surveillance and security.

“The experience he has with the IR cameras as well as any other “gadgets” we use is uncanny.”  “He has bought a lot
to this team in that aspect.”   “When we spun off a separate division, I made Herman our Tech Director so they could
report to him.”  He is definitely the teams “go to man” when it has anything to do with paranormal equipment.”

In addition, Herman is a proud husband and father of two children that are the center of his world.  The team will
remain in contact with his family while he is gone.  Herman will remain in contact with CVAPI via email and their forum.  
Enter CVAPI into your search engine, you will find Herman’s contact information under “Meet the team”.











Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations (CVAPI)

A paranormal team based out of Central Virginia.  Offering paranormal investigations, consultations and group

Chester Virginia – May 8, 2009 – Central Virginia Paranormal Investigations has been up and running formally as a
team for almost a year now.  This paranormal team is a spin-off of Central Virginia Psychic Development and
Paranormal Research, by their founder Jackie Tomlin.

Jackie works full time as a professional psychic under the nickname of “Ms Swami”.  She is also the radio show host of
CVAPI’s Paranormal Radio, and works as a freelance writer.  She dedicates all of her spare time to CVAPI.

“Working as a psychic and the topic of ghost seem to go hand in hand.”  “I started receiving requests for
investigations, that prompted me to get a team together.”

“I am more than pleased with the accomplishments of the team in such a short amount of time.”  “About a year ago, I
would have never imagined that we would have the strong community presence that we carry today.”  “It has come
from the time and dedication of all of the members to make this team work.”

“In the last few months we have been in the Virginian Pilot, local TV, and have our own radio show.”  “All of our clients
love us, and would welcome us back, I can’t ask for more than that.”

As well as having the radio show and a strong community presence, CVAPI is all over the Internet.  You may find them
by entering CVAPI into your search bar, or look for them on MySpace, Facebook, or Ning.  You will find a lot of great
information on their website, including evidence from past investigations, a forum that is open to the public, and a live
chat room were you can speak directly to the team members.  You will also hear more about “Ghost Hunting 101”
from this team in the near future.

“Being a ghost hunter is one thing, but being a ghost hunter in Virginia is great.” “Virginia offers the richest history, as
this is where our country began.”

CVAPI keeps a full calendar of events from investigations, conferences, and guest appearances.  They have a lot
planned for spring and summer, including a pod cast that will be released in the next few months.