How do I request an investigation?
You may do so online by the link on our homepage, or call the phone number on the homepage.

What happens after I request an investigation?
This will be followed up by a phone interview.  At that time we will set an appointment for a walk thru to
see if an investigation is needed.

What happens on an investigation?
Several factors are looked at including the size of the location to determine how much equipment and
how many investigators are needed.  Investigations are generally scheduled for weekends due to work
schedules of investigators and homeowner's/business owner's.  

Can an investigation make things worse?
Generally speaking "No".  It can become a little active a couple days following an investigation.

How do I know if it is evil or demonic?
CVAPI has certain signs that we look for in those cases.  The majority of cases are NOT demonic.

Can you get rid of it?
CVAPI does not proclaim to get rid of anything.  We can determine what type of haunt it is and offer
suggestions on how to quiet things down.  In a worse case scenario, we would refer you to someone

Are you the same team that I saw on NBC Channel 12?
Yes, we have been on the local news more than once.

How long has CVAPI been around?
CVAPI was established in 2008, we have since completed in excess of 50 investigations.

How can I become a member or join an investigation?
Currently, we are not taking new members, but feel free to email Jackie with your interests.

Can I get a psychic reading too?
For information on psychic readings please visit Psychic Readings By Jackie.

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